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ew MacDougall, referring to Washington's threat to punish the Syrian government for an alleged chemical-weapons attack last week outside Damascus. "But right now we're expecting t


Xinhua. But when asked how to change, he fell into silence. Obviously, this question was out of the young man's reach. The ABLP adopted "Ready to Rebuild" as its campaign catchphra.


mission, as well as wastewater treatment and solid waste management at the municipal level. The federal government is working with provinces, territories and other stakeholders to.


rts and government officials from Britain and dozens of other countries in light of recent terrorist attacks in Canada, Australia, France and Nigeria. Full story BEIJING, May 22 (.


aid that Calvo was delivered to the humanitarian mission led by Cordoba, which arrived in the jungle aboard a helicopter offered by the Brazilian government. Calvo was taken in a h.

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re set to elect 622 public officials, including the president, 27 governors, 81 Senators and 513 deputies. Serra's final campaign action was a stroll down Paulista Avenue, the main.

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inals are off our streets and will soon be out of the United States," he added. The arrests were coordinated with the ICE's National Fugitive Operations Program designed to investi.

a safe state for President Barack Obama, five election judges are required to show up at 5 a.m. (1000 GMT) Tuesday at the 25th precinct polling place, 3rd Ward, to get everything.

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