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initial public offering at 28 to 35 U.S. dollars a share. Facebook said it is offering 337.4 million shares to sell, with more than half from selling stockholders. ?The estimated


ergency by "always be near to the people and saying the truth." With a population of 60,000 inhabitants, Constitucion is the most affected town of the earthquake and ensuing tsunam.


Catatumbo, chief of the FARC's Joint Command of the West, recently fell off a hill and had several bones broken. Another rebel leader, Bertulfo Alvarez, has serious heart problems,.


O mission will continue so long as the Libyan people are being threatened. Addressing a high-level meeting on Libya at the United Nations, also known as the Friends of Libya meeti.


00-billion-dollar annual budget. The secretary noted that some of the savings will come from eliminating unneeded programs and activities. He has strongly opposed some programs he.

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al in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola, two days after a nurse working there was confirmed to be the first person contracted the deadly disease on U.S. soil, health authoritie.

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f that money does not materialize, the Council would need to reduce the payroll by another 1,000 positions, officials said in remarks published by the paper. LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15.

-dauphin, 1,240 kilometers southeast of here, the statement said. Managed by FAO, the project program is conducted in consortium with two UN agencies -- international Fund for Agr.

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