ich had seen 65 smuggling ventures involving 2,900 people disrupted this year, and the involuntary return of more than 700 Sri Lankan people-smuggling clients since August 2012. C.

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ES, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Argentina's two main airports came to a standstill on Thursday as air traffic controllers went on strike, demanding better working conditions, local media r.

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S. dollars at the International Fair of Havana that ended Saturday, officials said. Cuba also initiating negotiations and contacts for other business transactions, said Abraham Mac.

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mists expect that unemployment will not resume to normal level in the next five or six years given the magnitude of this round of global financial crisis and economic recession. A.

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onent until it set on fire. They said there is no easy fix for the flaw they had found in some HP LaserJet printers and perhaps on other firms' printers too, and there is no way t.

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ational response to stop and reverse its spread. Ecuadoran officials also announced a series of measures to prevent a possible outbreak of Ebola, including vigilance at ports of en .

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n area shooting WASHINGTON, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Four people were killed and five others injured Tuesday night in what appears to be two drive-by shootings in southeast Washington .

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he deem the 30-day timeline too much of a risk. Kucinich argued if Congress doesn't act, U.S. troops would "stay in Afghanistan for a very, very long time at great cost to our tro.

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heavy air traffic in Brazil, which registered a 25-percent increase in the first ten months of the year. Previously, overbooking has been frowned upon but not actually forbidden i.

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