oming against such a backdrop could quickly turn into violent clashes as have happened before in Ferguson and Baltimore. The death of a black person, as a result of police brutali.

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iminal groups will be strengthened, and if the strategy works properly, it will be replicated in other regions of high crime rates related to drug trafficking. "Based on this exper.

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ther three were missing after days of heavy rains triggered two landslides in the west of the country. Ten people were killed instantly and 15 others injured when a bus they were .

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ny, Lukashenko said the strategic cooperation between the two countries is very important. He also spoke highly of the achievements made by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americ.

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and do more to help solve the refugee crisis and work out long-term measures to help troubled countries and regions restore calm, stability and normal life as soon as possible. BE.

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ess in January Obama explicitly referenced his belief that millionaires needed to "pay their fair share" in taxes. In the same ABC News/Washington Post poll, 68 percent of responde .

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the White House. "Right now sacking Sebelius does not seem like the smartest move for President Obama," he said. "There's a lot of people calling for her to be fired, calling for .

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andard of care and a conscious disregard of known risks," said the Times-Picayune, a local newspaper, in an online report. In the ruling, Barbier said BP bears 67 percent of the r.

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vote of 74 to 26. Obama announced Sunday night that he had reached a last-ditch debt ceiling deal with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders. The plan aimed at slashing d.

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